Markets and Festivals


Join us from August-October up at Snowbird Resort in Little Cottonwood Canyon for the 51st year of Oktoberfest. You will be able to see us in person and browse all of our exclusive handmade products. We will be there every weekend starting August 19, 2023

August -October 2023

Markets and Festivals

Renaissance Faire

We had such a great time being apart of the Tooele Renaissance Faire. It is a great place to dress up and bring the family.

September 2022

Markets and Festivals

WVC Farmers Market

We had our first year with WVC Farmers Market. It was our first market and we are so thankful to be able to grow and learn from this market.

June-October 2022
  • Britesha-Mushroom Earrings


    Beautiful earrings with cute packaging!! My sister LOVED them.

  • Chelsea-Crystal Poker


    This poker is so pretty! I asked for a mix of amethyst and rose quartz and the seller was more than happy to accommodate. The tip is slightly flattened which I wasn’t expecting but makes it a more efficient tool and makes it look a bit more polished!

  • Gabriela-Smoke Holder & Crystal Poker


    I purchased a poker and a holder and although the end where my filter goes is a little snug I’ll just have to buy the pre rolled Raw filters to make my life easier. Overall these products are very high quality and I’m really impressed by the intricate wrapping and the stones are absolutely beautiful. This really enhances my smoking experience! And the compliments on them are plenty. Thanks!!