About Me

Hi, I'm Kortney

The Enchanted Gem Shop is my small business and I run it full time! This started as a small thing and it’s turned into so much more! It’s a dream that is building. My goal is to have a brick and mortar shop within the next 2 years and I can’t wait to share all those details with you all in good time!

I have a passion for everything metaphysical, including crystals and crystal jewelry. 💎 💜 After doing market research I realized how many intricate crystal jewelry designers there were and I realized there isn’t any simple and elegant jewelry makers out there. To me, there is so much beauty in showing off the crystal itself rather than decorating it with an intricate wire design. So that’s why I came up with my motto, Simple yet Elegant Jewelry. I also sell Crystal Smoke Holders and those are my most popular items.

Another passion of mine is being a Manifestation Teacher. I wrote a journal after being able to manifest everything I’ve ever wanted. I’ve created a template in journal form to help you do the same! I believe we should all be living our dream life and I wanted to make it simple enough for everyone to manifest! I recently spoke at a Manifesting Event and it was amazing and a path I want to walk on more.

I have so much light, love and magic to share with everyone and I am so grateful you all are here! Everyone has a beginning to their Spiritual Awakening and I wanted to create a safe place to learn about all the new things your probably going through. I’m here to guide you and give you the facts. All of my research is done through actual books and generations of stories handed down. I trust in the universe and I am here to show you that you can too!

Thanks for being such a Gem and sticking with me 💎 the best is yet to come!